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VelocityCharge Pro - The Luxurious Fast Car Charger by Hiverrich

VelocityCharge Pro - The Luxurious Fast Car Charger by Hiverrich

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Introducing Hiverrich Car Charger: Elevate Your Charging Experience!

šŸš— Revolutionary Charging Speed: Boost your charging speed by an astonishing 300% every time you step into your car. With the Hiverrich Car Charger, you'll witness unparalleled efficiency, reaching full charge in record time. Embrace super-fast charging like never before!

šŸŽÆ Elegance in Design and Function: Effortless usability meets seamless storage with our automatic retractable design. Experience the epitome of sophistication as you smoothly retract and release the charger with a simple pull, locking into place with a satisfying "click."

šŸ”§ Customizable Convenience: Convenience reaches new heights with the Hiverrich Car Charger. Its adjustable head allows for effortless device connection, providing the most convenient and versatile charging experience on the road.

šŸ’Ž Exquisite Craftsmanship: Crafted from premium ABS PC materials, the Hiverrich Car Charger embodies luxury and durability. Designed to elevate your in-car charging to new levels of sophistication.

šŸ“± Versatile Compatibility: Designed to charge mobile phones and digital devices with unrivaled efficiency. The Hiverrich Car Charger is the ideal companion for your charging needs.

šŸŒŸ Display Voltage and Extension Life: Stay informed with the built-in voltage display, revealing a charging range of 10-30V. Revel in reliability with a wire extension life that exceeds an impressive 3000 times.

šŸ“ Perfectly Proportioned: Experience perfection in size and form with dimensions of 139Ɨ65Ɨ34.5mm, striking the balance between compactness and functionality.

āš” Optimal Electrical Performance: Input: rated input voltage DC12-24V, output: Max86W (66W 20W). The Hiverrich Car Charger delivers an electrifying performance, catering to your high-power charging requirements.

šŸŽ Packaging Delight: The Hiverrich Car Charger comes elegantly packaged, ensuring a luxurious unboxing experience.

Embrace a new era of in-car charging with the Hiverrich Car Charger. Its exceptional design and unmatched charging speed will redefine your on-the-go charging experience. Elevate your journey to luxury and sophistication. Get yours now and power up your drive like never before!

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